Thanks for helping us connect with people of Saco Bay. Here are some ideas that might help.

1. Where do I start?

Simple: pray. Pray. And then pray some more. When we go before God, we trust that God will bring to mind people who He would have you invite to connect with this new church.

2. What kind of people are you looking for?

Anyone, but especially people you think would be receptive to what we have to share. Are they generally curious, influential, compassionate, or an expert in some way? If so, we’d love to meet them!

In fact, here are some of the possible qualities we’re looking for:

  • They might want to be a part of the church plant
  • They know a lot about the Saco Bay area and would be willing to share about it
  • They know other people who might be interested in the church plant
  • They are a part of the network for people in the Saco Bay area working to improve life for the whole
  • They might consider giving to the church plant
  • They might consider a short-term commitment to help launch the church
  • They have a negative view of Christianity, and can help us understand how to better serve others like them

3. Can you give me some examples to consider?

Yes. Think through these relationships and see if you know anyone who might live in the Saco Bay area: Parents, Siblings, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Clergy, Police, Lawyers, Judges, Doctors, Professors, Employer's, Employee's, Co-Workers, In-Laws, Childhood Friends, School Friends, Teachers, Life Long Friends, Acquaintances, Girl Friends, Boy Friends, etc.

4. Do they need to be Christian?

No. We’d love to meet anyone, hear their story, and see if God might be working in their life to be a part of this new church. We also love partnering with, seeking advice, and learning from people who aren’t Christians yet. If you know someone who might be able to help us, let us know, regardless of where they are spiritually.

5. What if they are going to a church already?

Great! We still want to meet with them. We’re not interested in “stealing” anyone from a church, but we would love to meet them so we can learn more about Saco Bay area, what other churches are like, what God is up to at their church, see if they know anyone who might be interested in helping, and invite them to pray for our church plant.

6. Any other ideas?

Consider looking through your Facebook or Twitter accounts to see if anyone on that list lives in the Saco Bay area. We’d love to meet them!

7. Ok, I have some names, now what?

Well, it’s simple. There’s a couple options:

1.     Contact them and let them know you have a friend launching a church and are looking for people to meet in the Saco Bay area. Then let them know the reason (look over the list under question 2).

2.     The most effective way would be to email your contact, copy us, and say something like “This is my friend who is launching a church in Saco. I thought they might enjoy chatting with you because ___________” Connecting us this way is similar to introducing us as one if we were meeting in person at a part or along the street.

3.     Another way is to just send us their contact information. You can email us or fill out the form at the bottom of the page. In either case, we’d love to hear your connection to them, and maybe a little bit about why you think they might be able to help us with the new church.

Thanks in advance for helping us partner with people you know to make a difference for the Kingdom. We won’t take these connections lightly or misuse them in any way. Instead, we will treat them respect, and in a way that will bring you honor.